Happy 4th Xenoversary!

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When Ayushmaan & I started Xeno, 4 years ago we had dreams, we had a vision. We wanted to enable every business to grow by engaging their existing customers. And against all odds, we believed that we’ll take on the world & enable millions & millions of businesses to grow using Xeno.

A lot changed since then. We’ve gone through a lot of ups & downs, we’ve pivoted our business to enable large B2C businesses to grow using multi-channel personalized marketing, starting with restaurants & retailers of course 🙂

Journey of xeno

But the biggest thing that’s changed is that we’ve gone from just the 2 of us to 25of us who are all audacious, who are all ready to take on the world together, who all know that we will win together & we will do something massive together.

The second thing that’s changed the most is that the 25 of us are backed by some amazing mentors & investors like Techstars, Metro Accelerator, Jag, Umang, Marc, Ashish & Jens. What’s always been constant is the support of our customers who’re looking to improve their marketing efforts & always looking to delight their end consumers.

With the backing of an amazing team, mentors, investors & customers, over the last year, we’ve achieved more than we achieved the 3 years before that.

  1. We’ve built a product & marketing strategy that delivers 100% better results vs. the current industry benchmarks
  2. Our revenue grew 3x in just the last 6 months

But what humbles me is how much more we have to achieve. Over $14B a year is spent on personalization today. That means we’re just .0004% of the way there.

Over the next 10 years, we have very ambitious goals. What gives that confidence & the audacity to know we’ll hit our goal is that fact that it’s not just Ayushmaan & I fighting this battle anymore. It’s everyone fighting together to achieve 1 vision to make marketing delightful.

The best is yet to come.