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Are you spending your marketing budget the right way?

Let me ask you a simple question that I ask my prospective customer at every sales pitch. ‘If you had a budget of Rs.1 lakh each month to increase your revenue through marketing, how would you spend your money?’ What’s your answer? I’m guessing it more or less...

Generate 100x SMS Marketing ROI

We started Xeno to help businesses increase their revenue from their existing customer, but we never cracked the code until we cracked the power of SMS. We all underestimate SMS. At Xeno, we did. We think it's spam. We think it doesn't work. That's because we...

How to design a loyalty program in 10 mins

A loyalty program is key to a thriving business! And in case you didn’t know this: 88% of businesses with loyalty programs are more profitable than those without (Deloitte survey). Yet we run away from running a loyalty program for our business. Why? People get scared...

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