2020 Marketing Calendar

The ultimate marketing calendar for Indian marketers

About Calendar

There’s a very strong reason behind marketing plans falling short of expectations. The reason being the shift of priorities when marketers become busy and get involved in some other work. It is at this time that marketing initiatives slide at the bottom of the priority list. This is where a marketing calendar comes into play. It helps marketers to streamline and plan their marketing activities in advance.

Filled with all the major Indian festivals, sports events, and global cause movements, Xeno’s 2020 Marketing Calendar will seamlessly integrate with your google calendar and remind you of upcoming marketing events 2 to 3 days in advance. Enabling you to benefit in the following ways as follows:

  1. Generate New Campaign Ideas
  2. Deliver Marketing Campaigns on Time
  3. Better Teamwork and Organised Communication
  4. Better Marketing Budget Allocation
  5. Eliminate Last-Minute Campaign Delivery Panic
  6. Minimis errors during Campaign Delivery

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