How Wok to Walk moved into Digital 2.0 Era of CRM Marketing

Wok to Walk started in 2004 in Amsterdam and specialises in custom made fresh, nutritious and quick stir-fried Asian cuisine. Wok to walk has 90+ stores globally and have been rapidly growing in India.

What is digital 2.0 Era of CRM marketing

The 21st century has revolutionized the way individuals consume content. It has also rapidly evolved a buyer’s spending habits so much so that brands are struggling to keep pace with their customers. Being Digital is NOT enough! 

With content being consumed primarily on Social Media and the advent of AI/ ML which enables Marketers with the power of understanding and reaching out to their customers at an individual level, we are now in the Digital 2.0 era in CRM Marketing. 

There are three components of Digital 2.0 era: a) Enriched Customer Data: 360-degree view of your customer b) Content Personalisation: Creating super relevant content for each customer c) Cross Channel Delivery: Deliver the personalized across 15+ channels, channels that were customer love

Xeno’s Impact


ROI on Marketing Budget


Improvement in Data Collection


Uplift over traditional marketing

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