Digital 2.o Era of CRM Marketing

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What does Digital 2.0 Era mean?

The 21st century has revolutionized the way individuals consume content. It has also rapidly evolved a buyer’s spending habits so much so that brands are struggling to keep pace with their customers. Being Digital is NOT enough! 

With content being consumed primarily on Social Media and the advent of AI/ ML which enables Marketers with the power of understanding and reaching out to their customers at an individual level, we are now in the Digital 2.0 era in CRM Marketing. 

Is your brand digital 2.0 ready?

What makes Xeno Loyalty Program unique among others

Enriched Customer Data

The better you understand your consumers, the better you can serve them. So, how enriched your customer data is?


Are you creating hyper-personalized rich media content to send the relevant message to each customer of yours?

Cross-Channel Delivery

Are you delivering personalized content across channels to build an interactive journey for your customers?

Move beyond segment-based marketing

Traditional CRM Marketing allows you to reach out to your customers based on pre-defined segments but really does nothing to connect your brand with the individual.

Segment-based market fatigues your brand conversion over a period of time. This results in a dying conversion rate and spammed customers.

With Digital 2.0, move beyond segmented market and welcome to the era of the segment-to-one marketing and understand your customers better than ever before.

How to make  your brand Digital 2.0 Ready

1. Enriched Customer Data –

Every customer’s behaviour is unique. Xeno enables you to mine and combines all the data into one single platform to analyse each customer and build their unique PersonasWith an innovative 3-step model, Xeno is able to process all the data on the basis of RFM, Structuring and 3rd-Party Enrichment.

You get priceless insights into consumer behaviour which helps in setting up effective communication with your customers, individually, without any extra hassle.

2. Hyper-Personalization:

Use data to create personalised messages for users which take into consideration their User Attributes, Reachability, Preferred Method of Communication and most importantly, what THEY are looking to buy. 

Leverage personalisation to engage, nurture, AND retain them. 

Leverage individuality to increase your campaign conversion rate.

3. Cross-Channel Delivery:

Utilise the full potential of all digital and social mediums. Xeno lets you discover and use each channel with the format of messaging that works best for each customer.

Target, manage and refine millions of granular messages which increase customer delight and increase your conversion rate. 

Brands diving into digital 2.0 with us

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