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Loyalty Platform built to delight your customers

Customers today are part of 100s of loyalty programs. Xeno’s loyalty program software focusses on understanding customers & creating personalized loyalty experiences for each customer so that they get delighted & deepen their loyalty to your brand.


What makes Xeno Loyalty Program unique among others

Create Enriched Customer Profile

Create a 360-degree customer view using Xeno CDP that collates 100s of attributes of your customers from social media and third-party sources.

Personalized Redeem Options

With a personalized approach to engage your most loyal customers, keep your loyalty program on the top of your customer’s head.

Automated Customer Journey

Using Xeno’s Journey Builder & loyalty program solutions together, set up an automated personalized journey.

Understand Customer Behaviour

Xeno loyalty solution doesn’t just capture a customer’s current points but helps you understand their purchasing behaviour.

Cross-Channel Communication

Engage with your customers across channels with the personalized redeem offers they are most likely to respond.

Seamless Integration Partners

Integrate your online and offline stores seamlessly with comprehensive customer data and analytics.

Now, connect better!

Xeno Loyalty Solutions allows you to communicate with your customers direclty

WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting apps and Xeno can enable your brand to communicate with consumers periodically.


Connect with your loyal customers with a more direct approach via Facebook Ads or messenger with personalised and unique offers. 

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Seamless Integration of a solution connected to your system.

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