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As the Indian Market still comes to grips with the digital revolution, brands scurry to find a foothold in this digital landscape. Xeno Marketing Cloud harnessed the Digital 2.0 Era and all its possibilities by pivoting brands to connect and strengthen their relationships with customers.

Xeno Marketing Cloud is an AI-powered marketing platform to know consumers, engage them and personalize their experience across multiple channels.

Maximize customer engagement with one-to-one conversations and personalized communications across channels at scale. Use powerful segmentation techniques to reach the right customers, where and when they expect to be reached. Drive conversions and loyalty. Improve results with AI-powered cross channel marketing solutions.

Xeno Marketing cloud is a suite of 3 products namely Consumer Analytics, Dynamic CMS, and Cross Channel Delivery Engine that perfectly fits into the brand’s Marketing Ecosystem and enables the brands to execute personalization at scale.

1. Customer Analytics

Xeno’s Consumer Analytics engine creates Segment of 1 by collating all purchase data coming from online and offline sources and enriching them by further implementing RFM clustering and third-party enrichment to build a 360-degree customer profile.

The 1st step is the industry standard RFM analysis. RFM Clustering helps to get basic customer segmentation done on the basis of customer’s Recency, Frequency, and Monetary spend.

Xeno Analytic Engine further cleans, structures and organizes this data to create more customer personas like their favorite product, favorite category, gender, birthdays, etc.

Finally, the last step is to blend the personalized customer data with their likes, dislikes, and interest across social media and extended audience network. This further helps to understand the preferred time of customers, their interests, campaign reactivity, etc.

With the three processes combined, Xeno Analytic engine has the capability to generate data points to create 1 Mn Campaigns for 1 Mn users. It enables the brands to deliver relevant communication to each customer at the time when they have the maximum probability of making a purchase.

2. Dynamic Content Management System

Xeno Marketing Cloud provides AI/ML CMS to create personalized auto-generated Content and creatives for tailored for 15+ Marketing channels integrated with the Xeno’s Cross Channel Delivery Engine like SMS, email, FB messenger, Instagram, Google Ads, Twitter, Global Ad network, web-notification, etc.

Dynamic CMS integrates with the brand’s e-commerce website and automatically syncs the product images into 100s of personalized creatives in seconds.

Dynamic CMS enables brands to execute true product personalization and increase team productivity by 200% by reducing the time taken to execute campaigns from days to minutes.

3. Cross Channel Delivery

According to Harvard Business Review reports 73% of customers to use multiple channels during their shopping journey. Across those channels, customers expect personalized experiences with a brand.

 For B2C brands, the range of their customers and their preferred channel is very wide. A teenager engages on channels like snapchat and Instagram, working-class professionals use email every day and a section of the audience are still quite active on SMS.

Xeno Marketing cloud makes it possible for a brand to deliver ads to their customers at their preferred channel.

Xeno’s Cross Channel Delivery engine identifies the best channel for individual customers. Xeno’s proprietary AI/ML algorithm ranks channels for individual customers based on their reactivity, engagement, and budget allocated to the channel. If a customer doesn’t respond to an ad on their preferred channel, Xeno’s Cross channel Delivery engine automatically pushes ad their next most preferred channel.

The days of silo campaign is over. With Xeno Marketing cloud, use customer data to create, coordinate, and deliver dynamic campaigns that customers actually want — through email, mobile, Facebook, Instagram, and more.  We call it Xeno’s way of campaigning.

Million campaigns for 1 Million Customers

times more ROI on Marketing Budget

Channels of personalization


Uplift in conversion

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