With new regulations surrounding lockdown in effect, retail stores across India are gradually opening up. But, as with anything re-opening a retail store should also follow a strategic approach to ensure safety & sales. While researching the best tips and procedures for re-opening your stores we also came across many trends that showcased how many retail businesses are exceeding their sales expectations. As a tip, you should think you are opening your store for the first time. This way, you will be pumped and ready to make the re-opening of your store a success. So, here are tips you can keep in mind while re-opening your store.

Make Your Marketing Communication Actionable: Though customers are ready to go out and spend on their favourite brands, they are keeping their choices limited to the number of showrooms they intend to shop from. Meaning, that every communication that you send out, whether, from email, SMS, or social media should motivate the customers to come to the store or website to find out more. So, here are some tips for you to communicate the same.

  1. Leverage the power of videos to show how you’re keeping your store clean and safe for your customers.
  2. The retail marketing landscape is very noisy out there, and to stand out you need to send out creative communications that connect with your customers. To get ideas on how some international brands have marketed creatively, click here.
  3. Keep three communication themes in mind. We are open, We are safe & We are ready.
  4. Leverage the power of online video consultation to guide them through your product offerings. By booking an online consultation with your brand, a customer showcases a very high inclination towards buying a product from your brand. Learn how you can leverage video consultation for your brand here.
  5. Do something good for your community. Nowadays, empathy-driven marketing is doing wonders for many brands. The goal here is not to generate sales but to do something for the community. Learn how you can make your marketing more empathetic, click here.

Reassess Your Store’s Layout & Shop-Ability: This time around, you will be opening your stores with one very important practice to be kept in mind. That is, “The Practice Of Social Distancing”. You need to ensure your shoppers are able to maintain social distancing all the while being consuming your store experience. So, here are some tips for you to achieve the same.

  1. Sanitise the hands of each and every one of your customers upon entering the store.
  2. Make sure to put proper signages reminding your customers to follow social distancing. 
  3. Keep about 70 to 80 masks available in your store at all times. In case a loses its mask while trying out clothes, provide them with a replacement mask.
  4. Once apparel has been tried out by a customer, ensure to get it sanitised before putting it up on display again.
  5. On the cash counter, put sticker signages on floors with a 1 metre distance to indicate places where a customer can stand in a queue.
  6. If possible, give out a small bottle of sanitiser with every order. Else, keep small bottles of sanitiser available for sale.

Though these may seem like simple tips, if your brand is able to implement them successfully, you will ensure the safety of your customers all the while being able to generate sales. With the lockdown opening up, your brand has an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be relevant even after the lockdown is over.