Xeno SMS Marketing

Get up to 500x ROI on your SMS campaigns.

Xeno’s SMS marketing delivers results.

Upto 40x better vs the industry

Usually, businesses get a 0.1 to 0.5% when they mass message all their customers. With Xeno’s personalization and targeting engine, we deliver a 2 to 20% conversion rate.

Up to 500x ROI on your money spent

On average we deliver a 75x ROI on your campaigns. Yes, that’s right! For every rupee you spend on SMS marketing we’ll generate you 75rs in revenue.

How SMS campaigns work.


Our campaign builder helps you design the perfect targeted SMS within minutes on the web or on your mobile.


Just schedule your campaign and we will review your SMS to help you get the highest conversion rate.


Sit back and relax. We’ll measure the results automatically and tell you how many customers visited your business

Let’s talk how Xeno can help you.

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