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The days of solo campaigns are over. With the Xeno Marketing cloud, use customer data to create, coordinate, and deliver dynamic campaigns that customers actually want — via email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram and other channels.

Helping 100+ Brands Across India


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Increase in Marketing ROI


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What is Xeno Marketing Cloud?

An AI-powered marketing platform to know consumers, engage with them and personalise their experience across everything.

Customer Analytics

Xeno CRM captures and activates data to know your customer, and drives growth by reaching out to new audience segments.

Smart Personalisation

AI/ML based CMS to create personalised auto generated dynamic content fit for multiple channels

Engage Across Journey

Xeno’s AI Customer Journey dynamically delivers the next best action for each individual at scale.

Analyze the Impact

Xeno AI takes action on insights & delivers data-driven, personalised customer experiences across every stage

Harvard Business Review reports that 73% of customers use multiple channels during their shopping journey. Using Xeno, you can maximize customer engagement with one-to-one conversations and personalised communications across channels at scale.

Success Stories

Xeno feels proud to share the impact we created for our clients in the retail and restaurant industries.

From Our Clients

Xeno has really helped us look at different aspects of marketing that we probably on our own would never focus. Xeno made us realize how retention marketing in a personalized way is more effective and efficient than any other form of marketing.

Raymond Andrews

CEO, Biryani Blues

Xeno is fantastic! Rock solid team and incredibly powerful software. We’ve seen a 10% growth in sales and 4% increment in customer retention within a month of working with them. Highly recommended!

Dhruv Madhok

Co-founder, ARATA

Really proud of the fact that I was the first customer to use Xeno in Mumbai. It’s an unbelievably amazing product. It adds a lot of value to our business and in a very efficient manner. It makes my life simple & meaningful as far as analytics, campaigning or using social media marketing is concerned.

Animesh Lodha

CEO, Cheelizza

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